Yoga began for me, as for many, as a form of exercise. I was never good at team sports, I had little motivation to exercise on my own and I was completely lacking coordination when it came to fast-paced aerobics. Keeping this in mind I joined a local yoga class, it was there I discovered my complete inflexibility. Yet unlike other forms of sport where I would naturally give up after the first hurdle (no pun intended) I actually managed to stick with the yoga, determined to improve my inflexibility. And I did.

For the past 6 years I have been practicing various forms of yoga with different teachers both real and virtual. It was only when I found a truly great teacher, who subtly adjusted her lessons in order to accommodate and stretch every member that I really began to explore yoga fully. With her I delved into the world of pranayama and meditation, she opened my eyes to the wealth of knowledge that accompanies the practice of yoga as a whole, she even encouraged me to complete my own teacher training.

Having gained some knowledge and some confidence I decided it was indeed time to embark upon my own in-depth journey into yoga. I took the plunge and booked my ticket to India, the mecca of traditional yoga practice. It was in Goa that I spent a month learning traditional Hatha Yoga off two wonderful yoga teachers. They urged me and my fellow students to go on to share our knowledge in any way possible and to continue to deepen our own practice and understanding.

Using them as an example I spent the next few months running free classes on the beach in order to share my knowledge and gain experience. It was there that I created the concept of Proper Northern Yoga. It was a concept that grew out of a fusion of very traditional teaching and a very northern English girl. Plain, straight-talking yoga that proposed no tricks and got back to its roots. Fancy gear and absurdly high prices are not needed to accomplish your goals. This is at the core of my ethos.

Yoga is about lessening the thoughts, detaching from the constraints of life and coming into touch with a source higher than yourself. Its not about expensive studios, overpriced clothing and a superior “form”of yoga. By starting Proper Northern Yoga I hope to pass on my knowledge and help those of you who wish to access unfiltered, unadulterated and wholly non-commercial yoga!